My name is Rolf Kipp. I am 53 years old and I led a normal life for a long time. That is, until the day I was introduced to the most beautiful business on Earth. That day changed my life forever.

Do you want to change your life too? Do you have dreams and aspirations waiting to be fulfilled? Do you crave financial freedom and independence? Forever Living Products offers undreamt of opportunities and perspectives.

I used to work in management at a large company, twelve hours a day, and seven days a week. Today I am a multi-millionaire and I live a life that couldn’t be any better.

Almost everyone dreams of reaching high places in life, everyone dreams of being successful. What you can do to achieve this can be learned in my book, “The Most Beautiful Business on Earth”. Therein, the ultimate business model of the present and the future is discussed – referral marketing with Forever Living Products.

With my program for success, I have managed to reach the pinnacle of Forever. You can do this too. Take your destiny into your own hands! Write your own success story! I have summarized everything that you need to know in my book, in order to for you to achieve this. I hope your enjoy your reading experience,

Rolf Kipp

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